FTE's innovative "Smart Mail" system will cost you far less per campaign, produce more qualified customers, and furthermore sell many more cars for a much higher gross profit. We are excited about the opportunity to showcase our product, featuring custom-tailored artwork and analytics tools. All of our mail can be fully customized to reaffirm your dealer's message and branding​ in our in-house art department.

As of January 2014, we launched our retail program- "Direct to Dealer." What this means to you is that we provide the same great products & services that were previously only wholesale now directly to you, the retail dealer. The opportunity to work directly with our dealers not only allows us to cut out the excessive commissions, but to further pass along those savingsto you! This amazing return on investment could save you literally thousands of dollars per campaign, while maintaining the same great products and quality services we have consistently provided for dealers many years now behind the scenes.

Dealer: Chevrolet

Location: Detroit

Investment: $25,000

Car Deals: 53

Gross Profit: $201,400

Return on Investment: $176,400

Impressive Stats

​We are a Texas-based business, and our focus is in automotive advertising through results-oriented smart mail. Since 2003, we've been providing our marketing solutions nationwide as a wholesale mail-provider to manufacturers, ad agencies, automotive mail brokers, newspapers, and anyone who invested in wholesale mail.  We utilize tried & true methods to deliver over 100 million pieces of automotive direct-mail. If we could just have a moment of your time, we would just like to go over our specialized-products and services.

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